Your PV system installer or seller has entered your system information into the Carbon Solutions Group portal and indicated your application is ready to be Part 1 Submitted to the Illinois Shines Adjustable Block Program (ABP).

You should have completed the Consumer Disclosure already; however, if you still need to, please check with your installer or seller. The next step will be to review and sign the Carbon Solutions SREC Contract, which has just been sent.

Please see a sample Carbon Solutions contract here

This contract is e-signable and sent via DocuSign. It arrives via:

Next Steps

The next step will be to review the invoice and pay the associated fees

For general questions, please review our FAQ here or set up a call with us by clicking this link, selecting a time, and providing us with the best number to call you at.

Please open the contract from a computer and set aside 30 minutes to an hour to review the document. Signing from a phone or tablet may be difficult or impossible.

Please make sure to sign the contract using a complete signature where required. For more information on signing a contract with DocuSign, please review this helpful tutorial.

The contract will generally be countersigned by Carbon Solutions within 2-3 business days, and you will receive an update in your email from DocuSign with the completed files. Upon countersignature, an invoice will be automatically created via QuickBooks for the $10/kW application fee and/or 5% collateral, if applicable. Some installers pay for one fee or the other.

Please go here for a full ABP Process timeline.







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