The application process for ABP onboarding may seem lengthy. There are a few elements that contribute to its timeframe. 

The ABP Program is relatively new as of February 2019.  It is a very strong incentive for new solar in the State, but because of this, there has been a large influx of new systems. 

The popularity of this program, along with the complexity of the application process, results in a fairly lengthy application and review process. 

Based on current processing time, we expect most system owners to be paid within 12-18 months of submission to the ABP or four months after they are energized, whichever comes later.  There are many steps to completing an ABP application, and all parties involved are working hard to get payment to you as soon as possible

For your reference, here is a graphic explaining the steps and parties involved in approving a system for the ABP. 



combo pro-time.pngSlide1.png






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