Part 1 Application: Review

After your CSG Contract is signed and fees invoiced, your Part 1 Application (Pre Installation) will be put in the queue for review by Carbon Solutions. The typical processing time at this step is around 12 -16 weeks. This may be shorter or longer depending on how many applications Carbon Solutions is processing at that given period.  


Part 1 Application: ICC Approval

Your Part 1 Application will be verified by the Illinois Shines Adjustable Block Program as they wait for the rest of the applications in your batch to be verified for ICC approval. Timing on this part of the process varies. 


Part 1 Application: Batch Approval

After the ICC has reviewed and approved the REC contract between your Approved Vendor and the Contracting Utility, you will be deemed eligible for participation in the program.  Thereafter, the project is preemptively approved to receive the incentives after Part 2 verification


Each application for the ABP will require the following information Pre-Installation Information:

  • Project location and property owner

  • Project Owner (if different than property owner)

  • Installer name & contact information

  • Name of Utility for which the system is interconnected

  • Project Type (Residential, Non-residential, Government, Non-Profit, Community Solar

  • Financing Structure (Customer-owned, lease, or PPA) (Not asked for community solar)

  • Project Cost (inclusive of material cost, labor cost, permitting cost, and other costs)

  • Technical Project Information

    • Ground or Roof Mount?

    • Number of tracking axes (fixed tilt or tracking?)

    • Modules: make, model & manufacturer of modules

    • Inverter: Size, make, model, manufacturer, efficiency

    • Does this project have a battery backup?

    • Meter: make, model, manufacturer. Does the meter meet the ANSI C.12 standard if required by the applicable registry?

    • Array information (# modules, module power rating, tilt, & azimuth) for each array

    • System size in DC and AC

  • PV Watts (or similar tools such as ETB, Aurora, etc.) estimate of REC production during a 15-year term.


What Causes Delay

If the Illinois Shines Adjustable Block Program Admin has reached out for more information regarding your Part 1 application to ask for clarification on inconsistency or request additional documentation, there may be a delay as we request information from your installer. 

This should take no longer than several weeks but is dependent upon when your installer provides us the clarification or additional information, the type of information that was requested, and the program admin's current processing times.

Note: Requests for clarification or additional information are exceedingly common and not a cause for concern.




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