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E-Sign and Pricing

Sent and e-signed via Docusign. Provides the estimated SREC amount and pricing CSG will request from the Illinois Shines for the ultimate SREC contract. Contingent upon ICC approval and subject to change pending SREC availability at the pricing tier or final system specifications.


Review of ABP Brochure

The ABP Brochure explains the program in full. It is a requirement by CSG and the ABP that every Illinois customer reviews the entire brochure for confirming and signing the REC agreement.


Notices: Waitlist, Prevailing Wages, House of Worship

The notice that appears here will depend on the timing of the contract as well as the contract type. If a waitlist is inforce it will be indicated here.

Prevailing wage notices only apply to non-residential and non-house of worship projects.

The Residential Attestation only appears on residential projects. This allows for a project to avoid paying the prevailing wage on an Illinois solar project. 

House of Worship Certification is only applicable to projects that are House of Worship and therefore are exempt from the prevailing wage requirement.


ABP System Owner Host Certification

This page provides the site owner’s consent for Carbon Solutions to submit an application on behalf of the project located or expected to be located there. If you are a homeowner, Sections 1 and 2 need to be completed.

Section 1 affirms you have received the brochure. Section 2 means you own the property where the solar facility is located or expected to be located, and you consent to submit an application for that location. 


Cover Sheet A: System Overview 

This table, found on page six, is intended to provide an overview of the proposed PV System attributes, its location, the prospective REC pricing and quantities, and other relevant system information. 


Cover Sheet B: Fee Overview 

Pages 7-9 are intended to provide a clear overview of the fees associated with your incentive application as well as payment timing and amounts.

  • Application fee: This fee is paid to the ABP for your SREC incentive application review.
  • Vendor fee: CSG service fee for processing your application and managing your REC deliveries for the term of the contract. This fee is withheld from the first payment.
  • 5% collateral fee: The program requires the 5% Utility-Held Collateral to be paid upon contract selection for all projects. This is used to reserve your SREC incentive payment. If the project is not built, then the collateral is forfeited.
  • Additional collateral fee: Collateral (in addition to the 5% collateral) CSG holds on file as additional protection or guarantee of REC delivery. CSG withholds any additional collateral required from the first payment.



Cover Sheet C: Delivery Schedule

Pages 10-11 cover the delivery schedule. This schedule is an estimate of the expected REC delivery requirement that you would be required to deliver should you receive a contract through the incentive program. 


Cover Sheet D: Payment Form 

Page 12 is where you can find information (timing and methods) about how CSG sends payment to the customer. This information is also confirmed prior to payment via email.


Body of Agreement

Pages 13-34 cover the full legalitites of the contract.


Attachment E: Security Agreement Addendum

The Security Agreement Addendum addresses your system as physical collateral if the contract terms aren't met. 


Attachment F: System Supporting Documents 

This attachement addresses information or documentation that we may need to process the solar incentive application associated with the contract. These are provided by our partner, the system seller/installer. 


Schedule A - PJM EIS 

SRECs are digital credits that we mint and transfer to the utility that makes your SREC incentive payment. PJM-EIS GATS (Pennsylvania, Jersey, Maryland - Energy Information Services’ Generation Attribute Tracking System) is the service that verifies and mints these credits. We need your authorization to register your facility on your behalf to mint and transfer these credits. 




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