Carbon Solutions is an Approved Vendor for the Illinois Shine's incentive program, also known as the Adjustable Block Program.

As an approved Vendor, we purchase SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) from residents and businesses in Illinois and sell them through the Illinois Shines program to a utility, who pays for 15 years' worth of SRECs.

The payment timing is fully up-front following program approval for systems 25kW AC and smaller, while systems larger than 25kW AC receive payments over approximately six years. Carbon Solutions is a middleman between solar producers and the utilities paying for the 15 years of SRECs.

We are your contract counterparty for the sale of your SRECs through the Illinois Shines Program. In this role we: 

  • Partner with the installer: We work with your installer to submit your application and provide information and documentation regarding your system installation and attributes to the Illinois Shines program. 
  • Invoicing and remittance: Once the Illinois Shines program verifies your application, Carbon Solutions will invoice the utility that pays for your SRECs and remit payment to you.
  • Generation and delivery of SRECS: We will generate and deliver SRECs to the utility based on the information provided by your solar array's online monitoring. This is ongoing over a 15-year period. 

Note: If SRECs are not generated as contracted, then payment is owed back to the utility. Carbon Solutions will invoice you if this occurs. 

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