Part 2 Application: Submission to ABP

After completing the Part 1 Application (Pre Installation) an email will move on to the Part 2 will be submitted by CSG to the Illinois Shines Adjustable Block Program (ABP)Administrator. 

Pending their review, this step will typically take 4 to 8 weeks. However, the ABP Administration is currently facing substantial delays due to the backlog of applications. If, during their review process, the ABP reaches out for additional or missing information, the process may be delayed. If additional documentation is needed, Carbon Solutions will reach out to your installer. 

Note: Requests for additional information or clarification are exceedingly common and do not indicate an error by the entity that submitted your information to Carbon Solutions.

For a complete timeline of the ABP Process, go here


Part 2 Application: Utility is Invoiced for SREC Payment

After your Part 2 has been fully verified by the Illinois Shines Adjustable Block Program Administration, Carbon Solutions Group can invoice the utility for your SREC payment.

Invoices are sent to the contracting utility between the 1st and the 10th of the month following Part 2 verification. The Contracting Utility will pay the invoice by the end of the receiving month. CSG will remit payment 45 days after receipt of the funding from the Contracting Utility.

For example, A project Part 2 verified on August 5th can be invoiced to the contract utility and will be invoiced in the September batch. The contracting utility has until September 30th to pay the invoice for your SREC payment. CSG reviews and sends payments via check within 45 days, meaning that you would receive payment by November 15th.


Each application being submitted as Interconnected requires the following Post-Installation Information: 

  • Actual system size in both DC and AC (if different than the size submitted in Part I, please resupply the array information)

  • Interconnection Approval Date and Online Date

  • Confirmation of the installer's details from Part I (must match the name of a current ICC Certified DG Installer).

  • Final system cost 

  • Confirmation of approved PJM-EIS GATS NONID registration. CSG will register the system



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