An invoice for associated fees for your Application for the Illinois Shines Adjustable Block Program (ABP) will be sent via Quickbooks. Please click on the "Review and Pay" button highlighted in the Quickbooks Email to review the invoice and pay electronically. Once the payment is received, CSA will review and submit your Part 1 Application (Pre Installation). 



There are two fees that you may be invoiced for through Quickbooks. Both are due upfront prior to CSG submitting your application. 

An invoice will be sent to the customer or installer within 24 hours of the contract being signed for both the application fee and collateral. Some installers elect to work these fees into the installation contract total for it to be applied to the system's financing.

If you have any questions if this is applicable to your system, please contact your installer directly. 

These fees are mandated and Non-Refundable.

1. The application fee

This may or may not be included in the installer's total installation fees. It is at their discretion. If it is not, it will be automatically invoiced to the customer. 

The application fee is $10/kW (not to exceed $5k).


2. The 5% Performance Collateral 

As mentioned above, the installer may include this fee in the final installation costs. The 5% Performance Collateral is a mandatory measure for all contracts. 

5% Performance Collateral is paid upfront.  This is program mandated. Must be maintained throughout the contract. 

*All collateral is returned to the customer once the contract has been fulfilled.


Credit Card Authorization 

A credit card authorization form will be included in the SREC contract. We will not charge any of the invoiced initial contract fees to your credit card. The card will be held on file for under-delivery purposes only.  The card will not be charged for the Application Fee or 5% Performance Collateral.

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