There are four fees you may see associated with your CSG/ABP Contract: 

  • Application fee: $20/kW AC with a cap of $15,000
    This fee is paid to the ABP for your SREC incentive application review.
  • Vendor fee: CSG service fee for processing your application and managing your REC deliveries for the term of the contract. This fee is withheld from the first payment.
  • 5% collateral fee: The program requires the 5% Utility-Held Collateral to be paid upon contract selection for all projects. This is used to reserve your SREC incentive payment. If the project is not built, then the collateral is forfeited.
  • Additional collateral fee: Collateral (in addition to the 5% collateral) CSG holds on file as additional protection or guarantee of REC delivery. CSG withholds any additional collateral required from the first payment.



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