ABP Solar Partners,

Funding for Group A, both Small and Large DG, have closed for the 2023-2024 Energy Year. The next Block of funding will open on June 1st, 2024.

We understand you may have some questions regarding how to proceed now that the block has closed, and pricing for the next Energy Year is not defined.

Draft Pricing Released

  • The IPA has released a Draft of the 2024 Long‐Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan, which includes Draft pricing on page 188. This is proposed pricing, subject to change, and final pricing will not be published until March of 2024. Given historical changes between the initial Draft pricing and Final pricing, we very much anticipate that the pricing will change and cannot predict what the Final pricing might be. We urge Designees, when communicating with prospective customers, not to rely on this Draft pricing. To be clear that the values are subject to change, and as important, we urge Designees to be clear about when funding reopens and the corresponding elongated timeline for receiving any incentive payment through the Illinois Shines Program.

Group A Draft Pricing

Disclosure Forms still Required

  • While Draft pricing should not be relied on, some fields in the Disclosure Form require an assumption about the SREC price. Disclosure Forms are still required for any customer that intends to receive an incentive through the Illinois Shines program. As a result, the REC Calculator in the Carbon Solutions portal now includes the Price Schedule "24/25 EY Draft Pricing - Subject to Change". This pricing reflects the current Draft Pricing, and we will endeavor to update pricing schedules as new information becomes available. Note - Group B pricing is not included in this Draft Pricing Schedule as Group B remains well funded.

SREC Contracts to Group A Customers

  • SREC Contracts generated within the Carbon Solutions portal will continue to be sent once Part I application information is submitted. These contracts will list the Draft Pricing alongside a Waitlist Notice. As contracts are signed and invoices are paid, projects will be submitted by Carbon Solutions to the Program as usual.

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