1. Go to "My Account" in the Customer Portal

The My Account tab is your control center for your SREC account. This tab in the Customer Portal allows you to directly set up and adjust your SREC account how you see fit. Here you are able to Manage ACH payment details and link your bank via Plaid.

2. Select Payment Settings

To have your SREC earnings directly deposited, please select the Payment Settings section to link your banking account. Carbon Solutions Group entrusts Plaid, a worldwide secure banking system, to support payment deliveries.

3. Select Link Bank Account

To begin, select “Link Bank Account” and follow Plaid’s prompts.

This will launch Plaid’s connection process and prompt you to select your banking institution.

4. Enter Account Details

Once you have selected your banking institution, Plaid will ask that you log into your desired account to complete the linkage. If ACH is not completed, Carbon Solutions Group will mail out the SREC amount in check form through USPS to the address under system information.

How to Make Changes to Linked Bank Account

The System Information page will highlight the information that Carbon Solutions Group has on file for the system owner and payee information. To make any changes, clients will need to submit their request changes through the “Update Payment Address Request” and “Transfer of ownership Request” buttons at the top of the page.




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