Welcome to Carbon Solutions Group’s client-facing portal. 

We are excited to launch a website that allows our clients to gain access to the information they need to have a successful and favorable SREC management experience. 

Our goal in releasing this portal is to bridge communication and engagement between our clients and SREC Team to allow for a more hands-on understanding and exposure to the market. Now you can select from ACH payments, keep track of your payment history, follow along with registration, and review system/contract details. Let's take a dive into each of these new features available!


Features of the Customer Portal 

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System Registration 

The system registration tab first provides you with a timeline of where your SREC application stands as it goes through the contracting, registering, and active statuses. As Carbon Solutions Group completes new milestones, you will be able to follow along through the journey.

As registration progresses and can vary from state to state, we have provided an additional tool that holds a more specific timeline overview. To view your system’s specific overview steps for registration, please click the Timeline Details button.

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Progress Report

For a more detailed and step by step update, we have included the Progress Report tool. Found at the bottom of the System Registration page, this tool provides a visual, step by step status update for real time milestone completions. This section identifies where your application is and where you are in the four-stage process.

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The Dashboard tab is your go-to for your system and SREC overview. Here you can find your system size, panel count, and other items related to your solar system. In the coming months, you will also be able to view your total SREC generation as they accrue.


The Payment tab highlights the client's past payment history. All recently issued checks will appear on this page after seven business days of the check being issued. Clients will be able to view the payment tab and easily have access to all information regarding their issued checks.

This tab also allows for clients to directly request a reissue of a check. All payment reissue requests will need to wait 8-10 business days after the specified delivery period to request their reissue as it is common to see delays with postal deliveries.


The Invoice tab will be used for mostly IL clients that receive an invoice from the ABP Shines program to begin registration. For all other states, an invoice may be present in cases of Upfront Payment structures not being delivered as agreed upon due to breach of contract terms or termination requests. For what applies directly to your state, please review your specific contract and terms. 

My Account

The My Account tab is your control center for your SREC account. This tab allows you to directly set up and adjust your SREC account how you see fit. Here, you are able to adjust the account name, manage ACH payment details, view system information, access your contract, and update ownership. You may adjust the account name in the settings section. However, this will only reflect on the client-facing portal. If you need to transfer ownership to a spouse, family member, or new owner, you will need to select the Transfer of Ownership Request button.

Payment Settings

To have your SREC earnings directly deposited via CSG Direct Pay, please select the Payment Settings section to link your banking account. Carbon Solutions Group entrusts Plaid, a worldwide secure banking system, to support payment deliveries. To begin, select “Link Bank Account” and follow Plaid’s prompts to link successfully.

This will launch Plaid’s connection process and prompt you to select your banking institution. Once you have selected your banking institution, Plaid will ask that you log into your desired account to complete the linkage. If ACH is not completed, Carbon Solutions Group will mail out the SREC amount in check form through USPS to the address under system information.

System Information

The System Information page will highlight the information that Carbon Solutions Group has on file for the system owner and payee information. To make any changes, clients will need to submit their request changes through the “Update Payment Address Request” and “Transfer of ownership Request” buttons at the top of the page.

Contract Details

The Contract Details section is where you can find your current SREC contract to view, print or download.


Customer Portal FAQS

I have multiple systems registered through CSG. Do I need multiple logins and accounts?

No, only one account is needed per system owner. You are able to toggle between various accounts. A green dot next to the system address will indicate which location you are currently viewing. To add in additional addresses, please notify your SREC representative. A separate invitation will be sent out for each addition.

When will you get access to the Customer Portal?

Carbon Solutions Group will send out an email to all new clients to welcome them and provide instructions on the next steps for a successful setup. To begin, click the URL link and copy and paste the provided username and password.

How do I get a log in?

CSG has to initiate the login. Our portal is currently open to limited markets. We will email an announcement and instructions when the portal is available to you. We anticipate the portal to be available to all customers by April 2024.

Can I share my login with my spouse or someone else that I want to be able to view my portal?

Yes, under the My Account - Manager System Views, you will be able to send and remove access to your portal for others. As security is important and bank accounts can be linked within the portal, we do encourage you not to share your portal password with anyone.

Why is the login asking for my phone number? Can I skip this?

No, we require two-factor authorization for additional security. 

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

You will need to fill out this form




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