1. Go to My Account

The My Account tab is your control center for your SREC account.  

2. Go to System Information

The System Information page will highlight the information that Carbon Solutions Group has on file for the system owner and payee information. To make any changes, clients will need to submit their request changes using the “Update Payment Address Request” tab found in the upper right-hand corner. 

You can then fill out his form to complete the process. 

3. Confirmation of Transfer by CSG

A CSG customer representative will be in contact to will confirm the ownership change as a security protocol. 

What is the difference between "Update Payment Address Request" and "Transfer of Ownership Request."

You will use the "Update Payment Address Request" tab to update the address on a system that you still own. This may happen when a customer is moving but maintaining ownership, and therefore you are still entitled to the payments.

You will use the "Transfer of Ownership Request" tab if you are selling your system. 

* Please note the timing of your move may or may not impact your payments due to lag time in processing the address change. 




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