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For a more detailed and step-by-step update, we have included the Progress Report tool. Found at the bottom of the System Registration page, this tool provides a visual, step-by-step status update for real-time milestone completions. 


Status Changes

In the context of our project, we have several key status indicators that track specific aspects of your project's application. These status indicators provide valuable insights into different aspects of the project's progress, ensuring transparency and accountability. Let's take a closer look at each status indicator:

  1. Contract Status:

    The Contract Status refers to the current state of the SREC Contract for the project. You will be able to see when we are "Awaiting Information," queuing your contract to send "Contract Send Pending," when it is "Sent - Awaiting Signature," and when it is "Completed - Active."
  2. Project Status:

    The Project Status reflects the overall progress of the project and its current phase in the project lifecycle. It typically follows a predefined set of stages, such as "Application Started," "Contracting," "Registering," and "Active." as shown in the System Registration Process above the Project Report. 
  3. State Registration Status:

    State Registration Status indicates the current stage of the project's registration process in various state entities. It keeps track of the approval or review status with relevant authorities. Depending on the specific requirements of each state, the registration status may fluctuate between "Approved," "Under Internal Review," or other relevant phases.
  4. Tracking System Status: The Tracking System Status represents the state of our project tracking and management system, commonly either GATS or WREGIS. It informs us whether the tracking system requires the state registration to be approved first, "State Registration Required," "Under Internal Review," "Pending Approval," or "Approved." 
  5. System Online Changed:

    The System Online Changed status is specific to the online monitoring platform utilized in the project. It indicates whether the system is online and reporting or if the system is not currently reporting. A change from an empty value to "1" indicates that the system has been confirmed online, and a value of "0" indicates the system is offline. 

These status indicators work together to ensure effective project monitoring, milestone tracking, and successful project completion. Regular updates on these status points allow us to address any challenges promptly, make necessary adjustments, and deliver a seamless and successful project outcome. An example of what this could look like is below.



As we continue to work diligently towards the successful completion of the project, we want to emphasize that most aspects of the project are advancing in a linear fashion, and we are making steady strides toward the goal of having a system eligible for payment. However, we want to be transparent and acknowledge that there may be instances where it may seem like certain milestones take a step back. 

These occasional setbacks are primarily a result of the collaborative nature of the project, especially during interactions with external entities such as installers and registration authorities. Due to the complex nature of some tasks and the need for back-and-forth communication with these entities, there might be temporary delays or revisions in certain aspects of the project. During these times, you may see a status going from "Pending Approval" to "Needs Info" or back to "Under Internal Review."

"Needs Info" indicates we have asked your installer for additional information. These requests typically take a few weeks to resolve. 

Rest assured, these apparent steps back are not indicative of any major setbacks or lack of progress. We understand the importance of timely completion, and we are actively taking measures to expedite any necessary revisions to get your system approved.



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