SRECs are generated whenever one megawatt-hour of solar energy is produced, and they provide proof that the energy was produced from a renewable source. The process of generating SRECs involves closely monitoring solar energy production through specialized metering systems, ensuring accurate data is collected and recorded. 

So, how do you know SRECs are being generated?

It starts with the installation of a solar energy system. Once the system starts producing electricity, it is monitored and verified by a state-approved entity, which issues the SRECs. This process ensures that the certificates are legitimate and accurately represent the environmental benefits of the solar energy generated. 

Online Monitoring with Carbon Solutions

We will generate your SRECs using access to your online monitoring. For every MWh that you produce (or 1,000 kWh depending on how your site displays production) you will create an SREC.

Carbon Solutions inputs this information to a third party called PJM-EIS GATS who mints and facilitates transfer of your SRECs to the utility that purchases them.

There are several portals for self monitoring your solar production. Some include:

  • SolarEdge
  • Enlighten (Enphase)
  • SunPower
  • Sunny Portal (SMA)
  • APSystems
  • SolarWeb (Fronius) 


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