Granting Access (Update Notes July, 2023)

Please note a change in process as of July 2023

  • Error Message: Previously, we had asked that our partners add our user,, to the SolarEdge account specified.  Due to a limit on the number of accounts that can be granted access to a user, you may have seen an error message "user is already in an active registration process."
  • Account Association: To resolve the issue, our account with SolarEdge has been modified, so the account can now be "Associated" with other SolarEdge accounts. Our account email remains
  • Site Access: Site access can be granted "per site" or "all sites." If "per site" is selected, you will need to add as a user on a per-site basis. If you select "all sites," Carbon Solutions Group will be granted access to your entire portfolio of systems.

  • Administrator Designated Account: Please note the account requesting account association must be an "Administrator" level account; if it is a sub-account, the request to associate will prompt an error "This account cannot be associated with other accounts." If that is the case, you may need access to the Administrator level account your company has with SolarEdge.

Here's a quick video for how to associate your account with Carbon Solutions.The latter half of the Youtube video that is linked walks through how to add access to each site if you select "per site" access.

Please do not hesitate to contact or your contact at CSG if you have any questions on how to request account association.


Solar Edge: Granting Access

Please follow the instructions here under Adding a New Account User using the link below. You will need to grant Dashboard and Layout access to:



How to run an online report with SolarEdge

Online reporting can be done through the MySolarEdge APP

In mySolarEdge app or monitoring platform, tap the Dashboard icon.

Production and consumption levels are color coded as follows:
Solar production (Green)
Consumption (Red)
Self-consumption (Blue)

graphical user interface, application

Note: If there is no SolarEdge meter installed, only the production level will be displayed, as seen in the following example:





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