There are several ways to find the reading to self-report on a net meter. 


1. Display Screen 

Inverter models with a display screen typically have three sets of numbers called Display Codes. They can be read as they automatically cycle through three sets of numbers showing the direction of power flow at a given moment.



2. Use the Suppliers APP

For meters without a display screen, like the newer SolarEdge inverter models, SolarEdge came out with an App for customers to connect to their inverters via Bluetooth to view their solar production.

The App is called Set App. It can be downloaded onto any mobile device that has Bluetooth. Once the customer downloads the app, they will follow the SolarEdge prompts to set it up . They will need their SolarEdge login and their wifi password for setup.

The app guides the customer to activate the Bluetooth by pressing the “toggle switch” on top of the inverter and to scan the QR code on the inverter. 

Once connected, customers can view their solar system's daily, monthly, and total production to report on their mobile device. 

An example of what a reading will look like:



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