Your solar companies may face closure due to business challenges not unlike those encountered by other industries. If this happens and you are in any part of the SREC registration process, this is what you need to know. 

If your solar system is installed and functioning, but your application still needs to be submitted:

You will need a new Approved Vendor to continue participating in your SREC program. 

Carbon Solutions Group is an approved vendor through many SREC programs, including the Illinois Shines ABP. 

If your installer has begun registration, we recommend: 

1. Look up information on the status of your project application.

2. If necessary, contact Carbon Solutions Group for assistance with completing your solar project or submitting a project application to your program. Please keep in mind that there is an increased approved vendor fee due to the dedicated resources needed to complete the process. 

If you are part of the Illinois Shines ABP program, you can find more information here for stranded customers. 

Updates About Recent Closures: 

Titan Solar 

ADT: Solar Branch

ADT/ABP Program


Please don't hesitate to schedule a call below if you have any questions. 

For more information:

Contact Carbon Solutions Group                                              

Setup a call with CSG:

Phone: 1-888-237-SREC (7732) 




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