Titan Solar announced a full closure on June 13th, 2024.

Are you a Titan Solar customer?

If Titan Solar has begun registration: 

1. CSG will reach out to you to complete this process within 30 days. 

2. If you haven’t received a welcome email from CSG, please contact us to continue the process and complete the steps below as needed. 


If Titan Solar has not begun registration: 

If you have not been notified that Titan Solar has already begun your application with CSG, then you will need to fill out the intake form above and contact CSG for any outstanding items required to complete your registration. 

You will need to: 

1. Gather documents for Array Information, Permission to Operate/Certificate of Completion (from your utility company). 

2. Grant CSG access to online monitoring

3. Fill out CSG's intake form. 

Intake form for all programs outside of Illinois

Intake form for Illinois ABP Shines Program


If you are part of the Illinois Shines ABP Program: 

Please find more information from the Illinois Shines Program Stranded Customer Resources here. On the same page, you'll also find a Stranded Customers Support Request Form


If you are a New Jersey/ADI Program customer:

If you have received your certification letter but have not completed installation: 

CSG can also help you find a new solar installer. Please contact us to continue the process and complete the steps as needed. If you haven't finished the certification process, we can help process and register your payments. 

If you are post build:

If your registration was 'Accepted' but a 'Final As-Built packet' has not yet been submitted in the ADI registration online portal, this will be required before a NJ Certification Number can be assigned to register and sell your SRECs with PJM-GATS.

You can find the ADI Final As-Built Checklist with a list of ADI required documents and the Final As-Built Technical Worksheet on the NJ Clean Energy website under the ADI Program Page.

Additionally, the ADI online registration portal, which is used for submitting documents to us, can be found at https://njadi.programprocessing.com/

You will see a “Program Resources” list on the boom of the homepage of the ADI portal, which includes a “Portal Entry Customer Guide.” The guide will walk you through each step of the process for submitting your final documents. One step requires you to create a login. Once you have created the log-in, you will need to send an email to 

NJREINFO@NJCleanEnergy.com with your email login and your ADI project number. 

This will allow the ADI processing team to give you access to manage and complete your ADI registration packet.


inal As-Built packet has not yet been
submied in the ADI registraon online portal. T

For more information:

Contact Carbon Solutions Group                                              

Setup a call with CSG: www.calendly.com/SREC_CustomerCall

Phone: 1-888-237-SREC (7732) 

Email: SREC@carbonsolutionsgroup.com




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