If you have an Illinois system that you would like for us to aggregate in the Pennsylvania Tier I Market, this is what you need to know. 

Your Tracking system account will need to be transferred which we will initiate and will not require anything additional on your end. We will need to apply to the state of PA, which will require the following:

  • Array Information
    • We will have some of this on file but will need confirmation of the number of panels, panel wattage, tilt, and orientation. We will also need your inverter size or model number. This is all included in a Design/Plot Diagram, which is often provided to you by your installer (This is about an 10 page document that looks like the blueprint for installation)
  • Permission to Operate - A letter from your utility around when the system was installed stating that your system was approved to be interconnected
    • If you do not have this on file, most utilities do keep this on record and you can request it directly from them.
  • Photo of the Inverter
  • Access to online monitoring
    • We will require a current lifetime meter reading for the application and ongoing readings
  • Photo of the arrays
    • It is a requirement that we submit photos of the panels to the registration administration. We must be able to clearly count the panels in order to verify the total count. You can submit as many photos as necessary from different angles to achieve this. Your installer may have taken photos during the installation or used a drone to get photos. We do not advise anyone to climb on your roof or put yourself in danger to get photos.

The IL registration we completed previously did not require these items, and we will likely not have them on file for your system.  If you have any questions about any of the items or how they can be obtained, contact CSG for further information. 


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