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Registering GRECs in Maryland

To register please complete our Geothermal Intake Form and confirm submission with We will review your system information and register your facility on your behalf.


For residential systems, the PSC will use the Climate Master Savings Calculator to estimate the quantity of RECs associated with your system. This will be requested when completing the Geothermal Intake Form.


For commercial systems, you'll need to submit the installer’s engineering study.

Selling GRECs

A facility must first be registered and approved by the Public Service Commission. Once certification is granted GRECs are minted and sold using a REC tracking system such as PJM GATS. CSG will broker sales with mandated or independent buyers.


After signing a contract with CSG, the registration process generally takes 1 - 3 months. If, due to the complexity of the installation the calculator cannot be used or if the data is determined to be inaccurate or incomplete, an engineering study may be required. All engineering studies accepted must be approved and stamped by a Maryland licensed professional engineer. These additional requests can prolong registration. 



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