This information pertains to SRECs outside the Illinois Shines ABP. For information on ABP payments, go here

Payments on a 15-year REC Delivery Contract are as follows:

Your choice of Payment Option can significantly impact your exposure to this market's fluctuations. Your Payment Option choice should align with your risk tolerance and market outlook.

Opting for a Full Upfront Payment insulates you from market exposure. It offers the security of immediate compensation without being affected by future market conditions.

The Fixed-Rate option provides protection against market downturns but also caps your potential gains if REC prices rise. It offers stability but limits potential upside.

Choosing the market-based option means you directly engage with the REC's price fluctuations. This option carries both the potential for increased returns and the risk of market declines, making you a participant in the market's ebb and flow.

More on this below.

Full Upfront - One Upfront Lump-Sum Payment

This option is one payment upfront. This is a “pre-payment” for 25 years of SRECs generated. We calculate this payment based on your DC size. Payment occurs within 60 days of all registrations being approved and the first REC being delivered.

Short Term Locked-In Rate - Fixed Price per SREC with a shorter term

This option has a locked-in price per SREC and offers a shorter term. You will be paid annually between December and February based on your previous year’s actual production.

Market-Based - Current Market Rate Minus Commission

The timing and amounts of the payments will fluctuate with the market. We will sell your SRECs (based on the actual production) at least twice per year. Payments will be made within 45 days of the sale of the SREC, and a set commission will be deducted from your payment.

Note: Once your check has been mailed, you will receive an email from indicating your application status has been moved to "Step 16". No action needs to be taken by you at that time. It is simply an update.

For Example:

Total Contract Value Table

Contracted SRECs SREC Price Total Contract Value
1,413 $54.71 $77,305.25

Subsequent Payments - 16 Payments of 5% each, paid on a quarterly basis

5% of Contract Value



First Payment Table - 15% of contract value minus CSG Fee and Collateral

Total Contract Value 1,413 x $54.71 $77,305.25
First Payment before Fees 15% of Contract Value  
CSG Fee Percentage, Amount 8.00% $6,184.42
Additional collateral Percentage | Amount 2.50%  
Additional fee description | Amount    
5% Utility Held Collateral | Amount 5% of Contract Value $3,865.26
*Your Payment Payment less fees and collateral $7,659.38

*Note - to calculate your payment, take the “First Payment before Fees” on the 2nd line above, and subtract collateral and fees from the subsequent four rows, and add collateral paid upfront, if any, provided in row 7 (5% Collateral Paid Upfront | Amount).


Subsequent Payment Schedule

Quarterly Payment Schedule for payments 2 through 17
December 15th 
March 15th
June 15th
September 15th



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