Payments on a 15-year REC Delivery Contract are as follows:

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First Payment Example

This payment is for your 62.5kW AC project: Big Farms Inc

Your payment for $7,659.38 will be sent by Friday, September 23rd, and should be expected to arrive between September 27th and 29th. If you do not receive your payment by October 7th, please reach out so that we can cancel the check, confirm our information, and reissue the payment.

Note: Once your check has been mailed you will receive an email from indicating your application status has been moved to "Step 16". No action needs to be taken by you at that time, it is simply an update.


Payment Address and Method


Payee Harry Smith
Payment Method Check
Address 6001 Bird Rd.
Address 2  
City, State, Zip Farmer City, IL 61842


Subsequent Payments - 16 Payments of 5% each, paid on a quarterly basis

5% of Contract Value $3,865.26

More information on your payment including fees, collateral, and what to expect moving forward is below:

Total Contract Value Table

Contracted SRECs SREC Price Total Contract Value
1,413 $54.71 $77,305.25


First Payment Table - 15% of contract value minus CSG Fee and Collateral

Total Contract Value 1,413 x $54.71 $77,305.25
First Payment before Fees 15% of Contract Value  
CSG Fee Percentage, Amount 8.00% $6,184.42
Additional collateral Percentage | Amount 2.50%  
Additional fee description | Amount    
5% Utility Held Collateral | Amount 5% of Contract Value $3,865.26
*Your Payment Payment less fees and collateral $7,659.38

*Note - to calculate your payment, take the “First Payment before Fees” on the 2nd line above, and subtract collateral and fees from the subsequent four rows, and add collateral paid upfront, if any, provided in row 7 (5% Collateral Paid Upfront | Amount).


Subsequent Payment Schedule

Quarterly Payment Schedule for payments 2 through 17
December 15th 
March 15th
June 15th
September 15th




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