The Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS) is a trading platform designed to meet the needs of buyers and sellers involved in the renewable energy certificate (REC) market - from homeowners and aggregators to states and other market participants. (GATS Administrator)

PJM GATS Close Up.png

1. GATS tracks and records

GATS tracks and records the characteristic data of generators registered in the system. The data is then converted into an electronic certificate, the SREC. One SREC is created for each megawatt-hour, or every 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity generated, and then assigned a unique serial number. This serial number is the megawatt-hour's unique fingerprint. Now, the certificate is eligible for sale.

2. REC Data Includes:

  • Generator location
  • Emissions output
  • The generator's fuel source
  • Vintage or date the generator went online

3. What is the PJM 

SRECs are digital credits that we mint and transfer to the utility that makes your SREC incentive payment. PJM-EIS GATS (Pennsylvania, Jersey, Maryland - Energy Information Services’ Generation Attribute Tracking System) is an interconnection grid that provides generation data to the Generation Attribute Tracking System. It is the service that verifies and mints these credits. We need your authorization to register your facility on your behalf to mint and transfer these credits. 





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