If a homeowner moves and the new owner doesn’t wish to participate in the ABP Program, CSG will audit your REC inventory to establish and rectify any outstanding RECs. 

What happens to outstanding RECs?

A calculation will be made between the number of RECs generated over the course of a contract and the number left outstanding. Outstanding RECs will be charged back to the system owner based on the block price you signed up under. 

  • The calculation will take the Total REC Value and deduct utility collateral.
  • You will then receive an invoice.
  • We will send a termination notice and invoice. However, it will not signed by CSG until payment is cleared.
  • Early termination fees may apply. See below. 

Fixed Price and Market Price Contract:

You will receive the last REC Payment that is outstanding, less an early termination fee. We will withhold the termination fee if the amount owed exceeds this. 

Upfront Contract:

Termination fees are waived. 



For more information:

Contact Carbon Solutions Group                                              

Setup a call with CSG: https://calendly.com/csg_srec/csg-srec-review-abp

Phone: 1-888-237-SREC (7732) 

Email: SREC@carbonsolutionsgroup.com



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