This information applies to all state markets besides the Illinois ABP. For more information on that program, go here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is CSG?

A: Carbon Solutions Group (CSG) is an Aggregator of SRECs across the US. CSG has been working in the renewable credit industry for over 15 years. Our focus is on helping solar array owners monetize their Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). CSG partners with local installers to create a seamless offering that gives you options with regard to how and when you receive the value generated by the RECs from your array. We currently service approximately 20,000 customers across 12 states. 

Q: What are SRECs?

A: SRECs are, or will be, generated by your solar array for every MWh that your system produces. These credits only represent the environmental attributes of the power you produce, and we are not seeking to purchase the power from the system itself. A short video provides more information here.

For clarification, we do not buy solar generation but rather the green attributes that your system production represents. You will retain all energy production. What we buy is the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Think of SRECs as certificates that represent that 1 MWh of solar energy was produced.

Q: How is my power bill impacted?

A: Your power bill is unaffected by SRECs. SRECs are "Solar Renewable Energy Credits" and represent the environmental attributes of the power you produce. You will not see any changes on your utility bill. 

Q: How does this impact Net Metering?

A: Selling your SRECs has no impact on Net Metering. You can participate in both Net Metering and sell SRECs at the same time. This is because Net Metering involves excess energy production, whereby you can receive a credit from your electricity supplier.

SRECs are solely the environmental attributes, so if you use all of your production or put it back on the grid for others to consume, it has no impact on your SREC production or ability to sell them. SREC brokering and Net Metering are separate incentive programs that allow solar owners to make back money.

Q: What are CSG Fees?

A: Depending on the contract option you select, we'll either offer a bundled fixed price offering that includes our commission, a market based-price that we would deduct our commission from, or a one time prepay upfront payment.  

Q: What are my obligations?

A: If you agree to a contract, then you would be agreeing to provide meter readings from your array on a consistent basis for the term of your contract. Depending on your inverter, online monitoring may satisfy this requirement.

Q: Can I sell my SRECs in a state market I don't live in?

A: It depends! Some markets do allow for systems located outside that state to participate. However, it is usually at a lower tier or class of the market, which is substantially less than the "in-state" price. CSG will register your system in the highest-priced market that your system is eligible to receive. Every state market has different eligibility requirements, and your system may not qualify. Check out our SRECS by State sections for more information.



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