System Information Requirements

Below are two lists of information, the first list (also known as Pre-Installation information) contains information required for all systems being submitted into the Adjustable Block Program (ABP). The second list (also known as Post-Installation information) contains information only for systems being submitted into the ABP as Interconnected.

Please note, the lists below are not inclusive of information required to generate the Standard Disclosure Form. The Standard Disclosure Form is required for all systems being submitted into the ABP.

For a full list of Standard Disclosure Informational Requirements, and methods for how to generate them, please see this blog post:Standard Disclosure Form Explanation


Each application for the ABP will require the following information (Pre-Installation Information):

  • Project location and property owner

  • Project Owner (if different than property owner)

  • Installer name & contact information

  • Name of Utility for which the system is interconnected

  • Project Type (Residential, Non-residential, Government, Non-Profit, Community Solar

  • Financing Structure (Customer-owned, lease, or PPA) (Not asked for community solar)

  • Project Cost (inclusive of material cost, labor cost, permitting cost, other costs)

  • Technical Project Information

    • Ground or Roof Mount?

    • Number of tracking axes (fixed tilt or tracking?)

    • Modules: make, model & manufacturer of modules

    • Inverter: Size, make, model, manufacturer, efficiency

    • Does this project have a battery-backup?

    • Meter: make, model, manufacturer. Does the meter meet the ANSI C.12 standard if required by the applicable registry?

    • Array information (# modules, module power rating, tilt, & azimuth)for each array

    • System size in DC and AC

  • PV Watts (or similar tool such as ETB, Aurora, etc) estimate of REC production during 15 year term.


Each application being submitted as Interconnected requires the following information (Post-Installation Information): 

  • Actual system size in both DC and AC (if different than the size submitted in Part I, please resupply the array information)

  • Final 15 year REC production estimate

  • Provide description of any other changes made to the project between initial application and the completion of the project

  • Interconnection Approval Date and Online Date

  • Confirm name of installer from Part I (must match the name of a current ICC Certified DG Installer)

  • Final system cost

  • Name of qualified person(s) who conducted theinstallation

  • PJM-EIS GATS NONID – CSG will register the system and provide this.



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