Contract Terms

Full Upfront - One Upfront Lump-Sum Payment

This option is one payment upfront. This is a “pre-payment” for 25 years of SRECs generated. We calculate this payment based on your DC size. Payment occurs within 60 days of all registrations being approved and the first REC being delivered. $40 kW DC. 

Market Based - Current Market Rate Minus Brokerage

The payment amount will fluctuate with the market pricing. We will sell your SRECs (based on the actual production) at least once per year. CSG charges 10% brokerage to fulfill these contracts and a $5 per transaction processing fee per transaction. Market rates are volatile but have traded around $10-15 per REC recently but have been as low as $5. This is a 15 year contract with auto renewal.

Short Term Locked-In Rate -Fixed Price per SREC with a shorter term

This option has a locked-in price per SREC and offers a shorter term. You will be paid annually between December and February based on your previous year’s actual production.




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